200,000x Faster Threat Hunting,
99.999% Shorter Malware Dwell Time,
Automated Intelligence

One box.  premium security.

100% Automated Hunting

SecurityBox, powered by CyberHunter, is an intelligent, automated system that runs silently inside your network, rapidly hunting down malware that may have been hiding for months before traditional solutions can even detect it.

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Deploys in Minutes

No software to install.  No agents to deploy.  No false positives.  Just connect SecurityBox to the network domain and let the cyber threat hunting begin.  No other solution can match its speed and accuracy.  Even the most advanced malware can not hide from SecurityBox.

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Maximize Security Team ROI

The SecurityBox reporting engine has it all covered.  From executive “C-Level” reports to complete forensic details, SecurityBox lets you quantify your breach detection gap for the very first time.  Finally, measure real risk and maximize the value of your security teams.

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The initial premise in cyber threat hunting is that you are ALREADY compromised, and malware is resident in your network TODAY.  With that in mind, the cyber threat hunt process begins whenever there is a desire for evidence of breach.  Like a skilled human hunter, the SecurityBox AI engine quickly learns its environment and takes automatic action to locate its prey, wherever it may be hiding.


One of the biggest problems the enterprise SOC and incident response team faces, is identifying hidden, unknown or emerging threats.  With SecurityBox, that problem disappears and you can maximize the ROI on your security teams.  For the first time ever, quantify and measure your cyber risk with hard evidence.  You will be one of the few CIOs / CISOs who can answer the question: “What is the average malware dwell time in your network?”.


The ultimate goal of security orchestration is automated remediation that is triggered in the event of a high confidence breach detection. With CyberHunter Solutions and SecurityBox, you can go from DETECTION, to VALIDATION, to REMEDIATION in seconds.  Why wait 8 months or even a year like the rest of the world?  Quantify your threats with hard evidence, and find the hidden threats.

SecurityBox Threat Hunting Concepts

Accepting the following four key principles will help guide organizations in taking a more proactive stance in combating malware:

  1. Accept that malware and APTs will breach existing defences.

  2. Treat endpoints as untrusted until proven otherwise.

  3. Trust that is established in an endpoint is both finite and fleeting.

  4. Validate endpoints as malware-free, anytime, anyplace with SecurityBox.

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SecurityBox subscriptions are available in either 90-day or 1 year service terms.  Whether its a pre-breach or post-breach investigation, mergers and acquisition due-diligence, cyber insurance validation, or network health discovery, SecurityBox provides premium security, evidence-based risk quantification, and a measurable breach detection gap.